10 Foods You Didn’t Know You Can Freeze

The freezer isn’t limited to ice cubes, frozen chips, and ice lollies. There are many foods you can freeze, but you might be guilty of throwing them straight into the bin or allowing them to expire in the fridge. If you’re tired of wasting food and want to make your items go further, check out the following 10 foods you didn’t know you can freeze. 

1. Cheese 


It should be a crime to place cheese in the bin, especially as you can freeze many hard and semi-hard cheese, such as: 

  • Cheddar 
  • Red Leicester 
  • Comte 
  • Mozzarella 
  • Swiss 
  • Blue 

While the cheeses might become a little crumbly, they will maintain the same flavor and freshness. It might also help to grate the cheese before freezing, and you can grab some out of a tupperware container when needed. It’s perfect for use on pizzas, macaroni cheese or even cheese on toast. 

2. Milk 


It might shock you to learn that milk is freezable. Rather than scurrying to the corner shop when you run out of milk for a much-needed cup of coffee or tea, you can defrost and use the milk from the freezer. 

You can freeze the white stuff in a plastic bottle or an ice cube tray, and it will maintain its freshness for up to three months. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to label frozen milk with the date to ensure it doesn’t surpass its expiry date. 

Always give the milk a good shake once it has defrosted, as it will pull the fat back together. 

3. Potatoes

It likely hurts your heart to throw away perfectly good potatoes, right? Let’s face it, next to cheese, it is a food from the Gods. Never throw away a bag again by freezing the food staple.  

All you must do is peel, chop, and blanch the potatoes until nearly cooked. Next, spread them out on a tray and ensure they aren’t touching each other before placing them in the freezer. Once Sunday rolls around, you can defrost and roast the potatoes to make dinner a doddle. 

4. Wine 


Wine is a terrible thing to waste, right? Well, rather than pouring half a bottle down the drain, pour it into an ice cube tray or a freezer bag. Wine ice cubes are a great option, as you can drop one into a recipe when needed, or you can add it into adult-friendly gravy or a Bolognese for you and your other half for extra flavour. 

5. Herbs 

frozen herbs

Fresh herbs might come with a more expensive price tag than their dried alternatives, but they pack much more flavour. If you avoid buying fresh because you often waste half a bag, this hack will change your meals. 

Again, grab an ice cube tray and place in your chopped herbs, such as basil, parsley or coriander. Then, top up the herbs with water and defrost a cube when you need herbs for a recipe or drop it into a dish with hot water. Again, label the ice cube tray to avoid confusion during food prep. 

6. Butter 

Got butter that’s about to pass its sell-by date? Pop it into the freezer in its original packaging to prevent freezer burn. However, if you know you won’t use it for a while, place the butter in a freezer bag to protect it from various smells. You can then melt it into a recipe from frozen or grate it. The choice is yours. 

7. Cooked Rice 

We’re all guilty of cooking more rice than we need at some point. Avoid food waste by placing cooked rice into an airtight container and freezing. It will make fantastic fried rice at a later date, which can make your money go further. However, it must be piping hot after reheating to ensure it is safe to eat. 

8. Eggs 

Eggs are one food you might not know you can freeze. You cannot freeze them in the shells, so ensure you crack them into a small bowl and whisk together. Next, pour the eggs into a muffin tin, egg container, freezer bag, or a trusty ice cube tray. Once defrosted, they can be used in various dishes, such as omelettes or cakes. If you want to use eggs to create meringues, freeze only the egg whites. 

9. Bananas 

Do your kids dodge the fruit bowl? Ensure they can never escape a much-needed dose of potassium by freezing bananas. First, you must peel the ripe bananas, and you can then cut them into slices or freeze them whole. It’s perfect for families who enjoy fruit smoothies or banana ice cream. 

10. Bread 


Bread is a family staple, but you might often find you’re throwing various loaves into the bin. Rather than allowing bread to go stale, place a loaf in the freezer before it exceeds its sell-by date. Before you do so, wrap the bread tightly in its packaging to squeeze out air. If you’re freezing sliced bread, you can toast it straight from frozen, and your kids won’t notice a difference. 

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