5 Items to Add into a Baby’s Christmas Eve Box

The thought of spending Christmas with your baby girl or son most likely fills you with glee. It makes perfect sense that you would like to make every moment extra special for your little one, which is why you might be eager to fill your baby’s Christmas Eve Box with items they will love and treasure. 

However, if you’re scratching your head about how to fill it, don’t despair. Check out the follow five items to add into your baby’s Christmas Eve box. 

Unisex Woven Check Pyjamas 

Price: £19 

Where: Mamas & Papas 

Every Christmas Eve box needs high-quality pyjamas, and you cannot go wrong with the unisex woven check pyjamas from Mamas & Papas. The classic check design complements the season, and the simple front buttons and elastic waistband will make it easy for mums and dads to dress their little one before Father Christmas arrives. It’s an Instagram-worthy pyjama set that will make your son or daughter look extra cute. 

A Personalised Santa Snow Globe 

Price: £6.99 

Where: Home Bargains 

Add a little magic into your child’s Christmas with a personalised Santa snow globe. While you can pay an extortionate sum for a snow globe elsewhere, this cute little festive trinket offers plenty of festive fun that will complement your little one’s age. Plus, the adorable snow globe will be personalised just for them, so they’re sure to treasure it as they grow older. It’s a cute and Christmassy bargain to add into your Baby’s Christmas Eve box. 

Santa Claus Christmas Soft Toy 

Price: £1.99 

Where: Card Factory 

Another bargain not to be missed is the Santa Claus Christmas soft toy from Card Factory. The cute plush could be your child’s first introduction into Father Christmas himself. You also can guarantee they’ll want to pull him out year after year, and he’ll become a cute little reminder to always be good to ensure they don’t land his naughty list. 

A Personalised Bauble 

Price: £7.50 

Where: TwoLittleDucksStore on Etsy 

A personalised bauble is a must-have item in your baby’s Christmas Eve box. Start the tradition of hanging their custom bauble onto the tree every year, which will make your child feel both loved and special. 

While there are many great bauble designs on Etsy, we here at Parent Corner love this gorgeous design from Two Little Ducks Store. It’s a high-quality decoration at an affordable price, and you also can help to support a small business. You also can personalise the bauble to match your desired message, as long as it’s within 256 characters, and it’s available in a pink or blue colour. 

Baby’s First Slide and See Christmas 

Price: £7.99 

Where: Amazon 

Add a touch of magic and excitement with a festive book. If you want to encourage your son or daughter’s fine motor skills while supporting their vocabulary, you should add Baby’s First Slide and See Christmas into their Christmas Eve box. 

The fun slider book will reveal different secrets on each page, which will also feature animals performing festive activities, such as building a gingerbread house and lighting a Christmas tree. Plus, you can expect an appearance from Father Christmas himself in the seasonal story. 

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