Family Health: 10 Bad Skincare Habits to Change


As a busy parent, you will likely have just enough time to wash your face, never mind embark on an in-depth beauty routine. Yet, there are some everyday habits that could be destroying your complexion and confidence. If you fail to adopt the correct beauty routine or use products that negatively affect your skin health, you could suffer from unwanted blemishes, premature aging, or unnecessary skin conditions. Check out these 10 bad skincare habits to change. 

1. Picking Your Pimples 

Rule number one of exceptional skin is to avoid picking your pimples. You might think a little squeeze will eradicate the problem, but it could lead to a larger blemish that could impact your complexion and scar your skin.  

If you or your child are struggling with a skin condition, visit a dermatologist who can recommend products that contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healings agents to prevent or treat a breakout. 

2. Going to Bed with a Dirty Face 

Do you want to avoid blemishes and wrinkles? Wash your face every night, and encourage your kids to follow in your footsteps. Dirt can accumulate in the skin throughout the day and it will need time to heal and repair itself throughout the night. For example, makeup, pollution, dust and oil can clog your pores throughout the day. Free it of impurities by finding a gentle facial wash. 

3. Using Soap as a Cleanser 

You might be tempted to pick up a bar of soap to cleanse your skin. While it can successfully remove dirt or oil from your skin, it can also destroy the protective barrier on the surface. Always pick a soap-free cleanser specifically designed for your skin type. 

4. Worshiping the Sun 

Do you love a bronzed complexion? It might boost your confidence but it can play havoc with your skin, especially as you age. If you want to avoid wrinkled, leathery skin throughout the years, you would be smart to steer clear of the sun. Instead, use mineral powders to create a bronzed glow that will improve your confidence and protect your skin. 

5. Not Wearing an SPF in the Outdoors 


Of course, it can be difficult to stay away from the sun’s harmful UV rays when outdoors. Unfortunately, daylight can be one of the biggest causes of premature aging, which is why you must wear a minimum SPF30 to stop the aging process and prevent skin cancer. Choose a primer or moisturiser that features SPF, as it can nourish your skin while protecting it from the sun. 

6.  Using the Wrong Skincare Products 

Do you use a body moisturiser on your face or use a facial wash on your body? If so, stop. Skincare products come with specifications for a reason. If it’s meant for the body then only use it on your body. The tissue on your body is much thicker compared to your face, and body products can be detrimental to delicate skin. 

7. Incorrectly Exfoliating Your Skin 

Does your skin sting or turn red during or after exfoliation? If so, you could be using the wrong product or one too strong for your body. Exfoliation shouldn’t hurt. It should work together with complementary skincare products to decrease pores and improve your complexion. Also, avoid exfoliating your skin too much, as it could cause unnecessary damage. 

8. Taking Boiling Hot Showers 

Many people love to take a hot shower or bath, as it can ease muscular aches and pains while helping their stress to melt away. While they can aid relaxation, the warm water can be a little harsh against your skin.  Turn down the temperature if you plan to clean and exfoliate in the shower or bath, which can prevent both redness and inflammation. 

9. Harshly Rubbing Your Skin 

You might think the harder you rub your skin, the cleaner it will become, but you could be damaging its health. Redness can lead to damaged dilated capillaries and blotchy skin. Adopt a gentle approach when exfoliating, and never aggressively press your hand or products against your skin. 

10. Self-Selecting Products 

Many people make the big mistake of self-selecting their skincare products. Yet, they could pick a product that features the wrong ingredients for their skin type or conditions. Always seek expert advice when selecting a skincare product to avoid making a big mistake. 

Do you have any bad skincare habits? Do you have any top tips to share? Write a comment below. 

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