How Parents Can Keep the Spark Alive in a Relationship


Raising children is one of the greatest gifts in life, but it can also take its toll on a relationship. After cooking meals, cleaning the home, or bathing your kids, you might have limited time to spend with each other. If an opportunity does arise, you might want to slob out on the couch and absorb yourself in the TV. 

While there is nothing wrong with sitting in silence with your other half, you must set time aside to enjoy some quality time with your spouse. If the romance has fizzled in recent months or years, it might be time to increase the passion. Get started by reading these top tips on how parents can keep the spark alive in their relationship. 

Say More Than “I Love You” 

While everyone wants to know they’re loved, you must say more than “I love you” to your other half. Over the years, the three words can become predictable and almost lose all meaning. Prove how much you love your spouse by expressing why you love your other half or say “I’m proud of you” or “thank you for all you do.” A few little changes in communication could make a big difference to your relationship. 

Plan a Date Night 

Can you remember the last time you and your partner spent time together alone? If the answer is no, it’s a sign you need to make more time for your other half. If you can’t go out to a restaurant or the cinema, you could always plan a romantic night once the kids have gone to bed. For example, you could open a bottle of wine, cook their favorite meal, light some candles and chat across the table to each other. 

Be a Little Adventurous 

If every day is blending into one, you might need to become a little more adventurous. Rather than sticking to the same meals, restaurants, and activities, add more fun into your daily lives. For example, make dinners a special occasion by trying new dishes from the likes of Hello Fresh or Simply Cook, which can make evenings at home together more enjoyable. 

Also, skip the staple pub and restaurant and venture elsewhere, which can prevent date nights from rolling into one. Strengthen your bond and increase the passion in your relationship by spicing things up in the bedroom. Pick up a copy of the Karma Sutra, buy some fun toys, or put on an outfit that will get your other half’s pulse racing. 

Talk About Sex  

Most healthy relationships require physical intimacy. Even if you’re not having much or any sex with your spouse, it’s important to talk about it. For instance, you could discuss your reasons for not embarking on the activity, such as tiredness, a health issue or a low libido. 

Discussing sex will prove to your partner that you’re not having sex because of a personal issue, and it’s not because you’re not attracted to them. Plus, the act of talking could make you feel a little hot and bothered, which could encourage you to return to the bedroom. 

Sex doesn’t need to stop once you have kids. However, if it is affecting your relationship, you must talk about it with your other half. You could increase physical intimacy by flirting with your partner, sending naughty text messages, or talking about your fantasies. 

Put Your Smartphone Down 

If your partner is staring at their phone every time you talk to them, or you often scroll through Instagram over starting a conversation, it’s a sign you both need to put your phone down.

Social media, texts, and videos have a habit of absorbing our attention, which can cause people to neglect their other half. It might help to set a no-phone rule for mealtimes, date nights, or when striking up conversations. It could prevent frustration, arguments and loneliness. 

Kiss Your Other Half 

You likely couldn’t keep your hands off your other half when you first started dating. However, those snogs might have turned into the occasional pecks after many years together. If this sounds like your relationship, it’s time to bring smooches back into your relationship. 

While you should avoid locking lips too much in front of the kids, there is no reason why you can’t plant a spontaneous kiss on your partner once the little ones are in bed. Kisses aren’t reserved for saying hello and goodbye. Plant a passionate kiss on your spouse to remind them how much you love them, and help sparks fly in your relationship. 

So, now you know how parents can keep the spark alive, all you need to do is show your other half how much you care. The above top tips could transform your relationship.

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