How to Feel Confident After a Baby

Becoming a parent can be incredibly rewarding, as it will feel like a privilege to watch your child grow and develop each day. While you won’t regret welcoming your son or daughter into the world, you might struggle with body confidence issues following pregnancy. 

If your self-esteem has taken a big knock following childbirth and you want to feel good about yourself, read these helpful tips on how you can feel confident after a baby. 

Set Pamper Time Aside


As much of your time will be dedicated to tending to your baby’s every need, it can be easy to feel less than human, especially during the first few months of your son or daughter’s life. While you might be busy changing nappies, expressing milk and trying to grab a nap here and there, you also should set time aside to pamper yourself. 

For example, ask your other half or a loved one to care for your little bundle of joy for an hour or two, which will provide you with some time to enjoy a hot bath, wash your hair, paint your nails or give yourself a facial. These small actions could make you feel a little human and attractive. 

Make Time for Exercise 


While your body might have changed since having a baby, there are ways to feel happier in your own skin in the future. For example, you should make time for exercise each day, which could range from hitting the gym, running on a treadmill or regularly taking your baby for a long walk. Exercise will not only help you to shed weight, but it can also boost your mood and improve your self-confidence. 

Schedule a Date Night


Date night is important for both your confidence and your relationship with your other half. While you might be parents to your newborn, you are also a couple and it is important to keep the spark alive. For this reason, you should find a babysitter, such as a grandparent or your siblings, and you should book a hotel, get dressed up and enjoy spending an evening with your partner. 

It will allow you to connect with your partner away from dirty nappies and endless feedings, so you can enjoy some adult company. Plus, glamming yourself up will make you feel happier with your appearance and the reaction from your other half could make you feel even more attractive. 

Get Dressed Each Day


It can be easy to live in your pyjamas when caring for a baby, especially if you know you will have no visitors one day. However, sitting in nightwear day after day could make you feel the opposite of attractive. Getting dressed can, however, change your mindset and boost your self-esteem, as you’ll feel nice when you wear nice clothes.  

Wear Black 


If you want to feel confident in your post-baby body, you should wear black. It’s not only slimming, but it can also hide various stains, such as milk drool and saliva. Plus, it can make you feel modern, edgy and sleek, so you’ll feel great when meeting friends, going shopping or enjoying a family meal at a restaurant. 

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others 


It can be easy to compare yourself to others after welcoming a baby into the world. While you might long to return to your post-baby body, it is important to realise that your stretchmarks led to you bringing your son or daughter into the world, so you shouldn’t be ashamed of your appearance. So, stop wishing you had the figure of an A-list celebrity and be proud of your shape and scars. 

Book a Massage


Parenting is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs you will ever do. It is, therefore, easy to feel tired and stressed each day. If so, you should book a professional massage, which could alleviate tension in your body and can work wonders for your mental health. It could help you to feel more relaxed and will make you feel like more than just a mum.  

Buy New Clothing 


It can be hard to know what to wear following the birth of your baby. If your pre-baby clothes no longer complement your needs or body, you should treat yourself to a new wardrobe, which could lift your mood and suit your silhouette. For example, you could feel sexy when you put on a high-quality pair of jeans, which can wear to meet with friends, shopping or for a walk with your little one. 

Adopt a Healthy Diet 


It can be easy to reach for a chocolate bar or a bag of crisp when caring for a baby, as every hour of your day will be dedicated to their every need. As a result, it could lead to you feeling tired, lethargic and unattractive. Rather than reaching for snacks or a takeaway, you should adopt a healthy diet. A balanced diet will boost your energy levels, support your mood and could make you feel happier with your appearance. After all, a healthy diet can lead to glowing skin, weight loss and shiny hair. 

While you might not feel happy with your appearance right now, a few changes to your lifestyle could lift your mood and boost your self-esteem.

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