Introducing Solids: The Best Baby Weaning Products

Feeding your baby solids for the first time is exciting for every parent. It’s a major milestone in your child’s development, and you’ll likely watch every expression they make as they try new flavours and textures. 

If you’re a first-time parent, you might be unsure about the best baby weaning products to buy for your son or daughter. To make the process and stress- and mess-free as possible, keep reading to discover high-quality weaning equipment to add to your kitchen cupboards. 

Bamboo Bamboo Weaning Bowls 

Bamboo Bamboo Weaning Bowls

Many baby weaning bowls are often made from plastic, which is harmful to the environment. The likes of Joe Wicks, Stacy Solomon and Mrs. Hinch are regularly using Bamboo Bamboo weaning bowls to feed their growing babies. There are also various animal shapes to choose from on Amazon, such as sheep, owls and rabbits. Plus, they come with a strong suction grip to prevent mess and throws during mealtimes. They are easily one of the best baby weaning products on the market, as they are fun, eco-friendly and functional.

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender 

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender

Make mealtimes a doddle with the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steam Blender. It can be used at every weaning stage, as it can blend food to different textures. Plus, there is no transfer time between the steaming and blending process, so you don’t need to worry about losing nutritious water from fruit and vegetables.

It also features an automatic timer, so you can add your ingredients, steam and blend the produce and then serve it to your baby or store it away for a later date. It’s a must-have when introducing solids to your son or daughter. 

WeeSprout Baby Food Freezer Tray 

WeeSprout Baby Food Freezer Tray

Batch-cooking meals for your baby could save you much time and effort. Of course, you will want their food to be both safe and secure in a freezer, which is why you should purchase the WeeSprout Baby Food Freezer Tray. 

The silicone tray ensures individual servings of pureed or chunkier food pops out with ease. Plus, it features a hard-plastic lid that can snap on quickly, which can protect each serving while ensuring convenient stacking when in a freezer. You also don’t need to worry about any harmful nasties entering the baby food from the tray, as it is naturally odour, bacteria and stain resistant. Plus, it is free from BPA, lead, PVC, phthalate and various other toxins. 

BIBaDO Weaning Bib 

BIBaDO Weaning Bib

Life will become messier when your son or daughter starts weaning. Rather than changing their outfits many times per day, you will need to invest in a comfortable weaning bib that will protect their clothing.  

The BIBaDO weaning bib is an ideal choice, as you can place it over their clothing and across their high-chair table, which can stop clothing falling onto the floor or down the sides of the chair. Plus, your child can wear the comfortable, machine washable bib from 5 months up to 2 years and over. So, don’t waste your money on many bibs that will ruin your kids clothing and end up in the bin, and invest in a weaning bib that has been designed to last. 

Nûby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender 

Nûby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender

The Nûby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender is a worthwhile investment when weaning your baby onto solids. It features a large batch bowl and a cup, so you can prepare a single meal for your son or daughter or batch-cook many meals.  

The handy blender is ideal for all weaning stages, as it can create purees or chunkier dishes for your growing baby. It also has a steamer and pressure start functions, as well as many accessories, such as: 

  • 6 freezer pots 
  • A freezer tray 
  • Two blades for milling and blending 
  • A spatula – ideal for scooping out food 
  • A single portion blender unit 
  • A large unit for batch-cooking 

It is, of course, to serve solids that will support your baby’s development, such as fruit, vegetables, and protein products.

Cognikids Dip Weaning Pre-Spoon 

It’s important for children to learn how to feed themselves, which can help them to refine their fine motor skills. Rather than opting for standard plastic spoons, pick up the Cognikids Dip Weaning Pre-Spoon, which has been designed to support independent feeding. 

The soft flexible grip can help a baby to develop manual dexterity while strengthening muscles in the hand. The spoons also feature a nodule at the head to support a child’s suck reflex. It’s ideal for six-month-old babies and over. 

So, if you want to help your baby to embrace solids at a faster rate and support independent feeding, you need to invest in the best baby weaning products – and the above items could be a great place to start. 

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