The 5 Best Newborn Toys

Most new parents are eager to entertain their little bundles of joy the moment they arrive in the world. However, with unrefined motor skills and poor focus, your baby boy or girl will be limited when it comes to newborn toys. To provide your little one with plenty of fun, you should check out the following 5 best toys for babies.

Fisher Price Kick ‘n’ Play Piano Gym

Fisher Price Kick ‘n’ Play Piano Gym

The Fisher Price Kick ‘n’ Play Gym should be at the top of a new parent’s to-buy list. It’s one toy that will grow with your child’s milestones over the next twelve months. In their first few weeks of life, you can guarantee they will love to watch the multicoloured keys on the piano and cheerful songs. Once they reach 2 months of age, they might discover their hands and they’ll soon be grasping at the toy-filled arch and will kick at the buttons. 

Tummy time will also be ten times more fun on the pat, as it features repositionable toy links and a large mirror for the baby to discover his or her reflection. Plus, as your son or daughter’s motor skills develop, they will love to sit and play on the piano, which can swivel up to allow them to sit comfortably and play with the keys to create music. 

The fun gym features four modes of play and five toys, which will ensure your newborn has non-stop fun. Plus, you can buy the baby gym in different colors, such as pink or green.

A Disco Light 

Trust us, a disco light is one purchase you will not regret purchasing for your little one. The colourful lights are bound to fascinate your son or daughter, as they will follow the flashes and they’ll love it week after week, as colour will start to come into focus. Plus, you could buy a disco light that features various features, such as different colours, strobe lights and music mode. 

Gertie the Good Goose 

Gertie the Good Goose

It is likely your baby will start sucking their hands and drooling once they start teething. Plus, they will want to put almost every item in their mouth to soothe their gums. For this reason, Gertie the Good Goose is a wise investment.

It is not only an adorable toy for your baby to hold, but it is a natural rubber teether. Not only has it been designed to perfectly fit in your newborn’s hands, but they can enjoy some comfort from teething pain by chewing at Gertie’s beak, feet and tail. It also makes a squeaking sound, which can help your child to understand cause and effect. 

Tiny Love Magical Tales Black and White Gymini Activity Gym 

Parents who want to support their child’s focus and keep them entertained shouldn’t overlook Tiny Love Magical Tales Black and White Gymini Activity Gym. While it might not be as colourful as you would like, it might surprise you to learn that a baby will only see in black and white, as well as shades of grey, during their first few months of life. It’s not until your child reaches 4 months old that their colour vision will start to develop. 

The 2-in-1 playmat is predominantly black and white, which can improve your son or daughter’s gross and fine motor skills. Plus, there are various interactive toys and activities that will entertain your baby for many an hour, including a baby book for tummy time and a musical hedgehog. 

Bright Starts Take Along Tiger Toy Bar 

Bright Starts Take Along Tiger Toy Bar

Keep your baby entertained on short or long car journeys with the Bright Starts Take Along Tiger Toy Bar. The cute tiger features a light-up nose, which will wow your little one and encourage them to use their hands.

They will also have plenty of fun staring at their reflection in the spinning paddle mirror or playing with the zebra roller ball. It’s one toy that will likely prevent a meltdown while you’re driving your newborn from A to B. 

So, if you are looking for ways to entertain your baby once he or she arrives in the world, the above newborn toys will not disappoint. 

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